Three words to describe me..

technology, driven, wannapreneur(?)

Holds Masters degree in Computer Science. Immensely passionate about developing intuitive software which can genuinely improve people's lives (like Snapchat).

Java, Dart, JRuby and English are my preferred languages.

  • NAMEShashank Reddy Mekala
  • LOCATIONSan Francisco, CA
  • MAJORMS Computer Science
  • SKILLS and INTERESTSBuilding very high scale Java backends, Android Development, Vulnerability & Threat Research and Machine Learning
  • E-MAILhello@shashankreddy.com



Senior Software Engineer, Security Engineeringbox

Box, Inc., San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Apr 2020 - Present

Senior Software Engineertrustwave

Trustwave Holdings, Inc., Chicago, IL
Jul 2018 - Mar 2020

Software Engineertrustwave

Trustwave Holdings, Inc., Chicago, IL
Jul 2015 - Jul 2018

Associate Consultant | Software Developer discover capgemini

Capgemini US | Discover Financial Services, Chicago, IL
Mar 2014 - Jul 2015

Graduate Research Assistant discover capgemini

ESI US R&D, Inc., Huntsville, AL
Jan 2013 - Dec 2013

Software Engineering Intern NMIT

Nitte Meenakshi Institute Of Technology, Bangalore, India
June 2011 - August 2011

Designed, developed and deployed 'Campus Next', a campus management software using php and MySQL.


M.S in Computer Science 2012 - 2013

The University of Alabama, Huntsville
Full scholarship with monthly stipend via Research Assistantship at ESI US R&D, Inc.

B.E Computer Science and Engineering 2008 - 2012

Visvesvaraya Technological University, Karnataka, India

Development Skills





Android Development

Other Skills

iOS Development (Objective C)


Hadoop (MapReduce Programming, PIG, HIVE, HBASE, SQOOP)


This page doesn't list projects that cannot be on public domain. Ping me to know about interesting stuff that I worked/working on.

Air Media Fall 2012

Computer Networks

'Air Media' is a media viewing application based on Multicast Service Discovery Protocol. The client automatically discovers the server providing the required service in the Local Area Network (Wifi/Ethernet), connects to it and gives user the option view the image and video files on the server. Used Java Swing for building the GUI.

Technology used:

ERP on Cloud Architecture Spring 2012

Final Year Project

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a SaaS service built on the Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform. Server side backend is built on JAVA with Azure SQL as the Database technology, while HTML5 and CSS3 is used to build a intuitive and native looking client side web app.
Click here to see screenshots.

Technology used:

Campus Next Summer 2011

Intern Project, Nitte Meenakshi Institute of Technology

'Campus Next' is a comprehensive online suite for the faculty to manage academics of the students. Key features being the ability of a student to register for the desired course by sending SMS. Student can also get info about his marks and attendance just by sending a SMS to the server. He/She is replied back with the requested info as an automated SMS.

This project was implemented in the institute as part of pilot testing and had also reached the final stage of receiving funds for further development from IEDC (Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre, New Delhi).

Technology used:

Library Management Spring 2011

Object Oriented Modeling and Design

Involved designing of class diagram for the development of library management system, which showed the exact object-oriented structure present. Furthermore, state, activity and use-case diagrams were designed for understanding the flow of control using Rational Rose.

Technology used:

Simulation of Paper Planes Spring 2011

Computer Graphics

Simulation of Paper Planes in real world using C++ with OpenGL library functions.

Technology used:

eCampus Spring 2011

Software Engineering

'eCampus' is built as part of Software Engineering course. Its a desktop application built on Adobe AIR (Adobe Integrated Runtime) Environment with MySQL as Database technology.
Though this software has features such as Automated SMS Notification to parent if their child remains absent to a class, etc, its main purpose was to understand the principles of Software Engineering such as SDLC, process models, etc.

Adobe AIR platform was chosen to build the software to make it Operating System independent.

Technology used:

Retail Database Fall 2010

Database Management System

A database management system designed for the Retail Outlets. Features include maintaining the inventory, customer details, sales, etc.
Microsoft's Visual Basic was used to design the front-end GUI while MS SQL (with SQL Server 2008) was used as the database technology.
Strict validations are implemented throughout the project, obeying the ACID properties.

Technology used:

Two Pass Assembler Fall 2010

System Software

Designed, implemented and well documented a Two Pass Assembler using 'C' as part of System Software course.

Technology used:

iOS Applications



Ultra secure WebRTC based Video call application for iPad. Authentication using a .bullet file.

Technology used:

UAH With Push Notifications


iOS application to provide students and faculty quick access to various information and services of University Of Alabama, Huntsville.

Technology used:

Technical Presentations

Network Address Translation (NAT)

Computer Networks

Based on
• Geoff Huston “Anatomy: A Look Inside Network Address Translators,” The Internet Protocol Journal - Volume 7, Number 3, 2004.

Long Term Evolution (LTE)

Technical Seminar

Based on
• Requirements for Evolved UTRA (E-UTRA) and Evolved UTRAN (E- UTRAN)
• C. Perkins. IP Mobility Support for IPv4. RFC 3344, August 2002:
• 3GPP TS 23.401. GPRS enhancements on EUTRAN access